Molland, Devon, England

An article on Exmoor settlememts says that "Molland church (St. Mary) is of outstanding interest. It is a simple 15th to 16th century building, replacing an older structure of which the Norman font alone remains, together with two medieval bells. It contains a series of fine monuments to members of the Courtenay family of West Molland and a defaced medieval carving, probably of St Mary Magdalene. It is renowned for its unusually complete set of early 18th-century furnishings comprising altar with rails, pulpit, screen and box pews."

Wikimapia adds:
"This medieval church possesses a handsome structure, in the perpendicular style, with a tower and four bells. It contains several neat monuments, belonging to the Courtenay and other families. It has largely remained unchanged due to the seclusion of the village and displays examples of excellent craftsmanship from its period.
Molland church also reputedly contains the Courtenay family Heart Box. Heart Boxes were commonly associated with deaths abroad, particularly those of fallen crusaders. Where it was not viable to bring an entire body back from a hot and distant country, the heart was removed and shipped home for eventual entombment."