East Horsley, Surrey, England

The plan for the house was deposited by Captain F Gray, the builder, on 30 July 1935. It was noted in the register that the builder completed the house on 11 June 1936. Capt Gray appears to have developed quite a number of houses in Manor Close, callled the Manor Close Estate in the register. An Engineer's note stated that the breeze blocks used were totally unsuitable for the purpose and he wouldnt agree to them being used. The cesspit for sewerage was marked on the plan. (Deposited Plan T231 in Box 36 from Register 18).

Capt Gray also built Robert Whitby's house in Manor Close from plans deposited on 15 March 1934. The latter house appeared to have been designed by a Mr G Fielder A.R.I.B.A of Thompson, Walford and Fielder of 1 Leadenhall St, London, EC 3 whose card was in the register with the note "re Mr Whitby's house".
(Deposited Plan S130).